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Gender aspects of the Republic of Moldova’s pension system

Gender Aspects of the Republic of Moldova’s Pension System / Ed. By M.E. Baskakova. – Moscow: REA «Social end pension insurance», 2007

This monograph deals with the analysis of gender aspects of pension insurance system of the Republic of Moldova. It includes the detailed analysis of the existing gender asymmetry in pension insurance, main factors of its formation and development perspectives, analysis of the consequences of the possible retirement age increase in a gender aspect. The book is addressed to a wide circle of readers, interested in the perspectives of pension insurance and gender equality. It will be interesting and useful for decision-makers, politicians, journalists, scholars, teachers, post-graduate students and students, members of non-governmental organizations


D.Sc. Baskakova M.E. (Introduction, Chapters 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Conclusions),
PhD. Ballaeva E.A. (Chapter 1),
Ivanova E.V. (Chapter 7, Conclusions)
PhD. Moskovskay А.А. (Chapters 5, 6, 7),
Myndru V.P. (Chapters 8, 10, Conclusions)
PhD. Tode N.О. (Chapter 2).



CHAPTER I. Overview of gender issues in pension systems from different countries
1.1. Pension system reform and gender equality issues
1.2. European Union countries with a developed „social state”
1.3. Post-socialistic countries

CHAPTER 2. Gender analysis of pension and labor legislation of the Republic of Moldova
2.1. International labor standards and national legislation of the Republic of Moldova
2.2. Legal insurance of equal access to labor and professional occupations: employment guarantees
2.3. Right to free choice of profession, professional training and retraining, professional promotion. Restrictions related to women’s work
2.4. Equal remuneration for the work of equal value
2.5. Right to healthy and safe working conditions. Guarantees and privileges for pregnancy and maternity
2.6. Right to social insurance including right to pension

CHAPTER 3. Analysis of demographic context of gender issues in the Republic of Moldova
3.1. Gender asymmetry of sex/age structure of the population of the Republic of Moldova
3.2. Differences in conditions and causes of mortality of men and women, men’s over mortality rate
3.3. Gender discrepancy of the indexes of life expectancy in Moldova and their dynamics
3.4. Life expectancy on pension
3.5. Gender differences in the correlation between the duration of the working life and life on pension
3.6. Impact of birthrate on the workers length of insured service

CHAPTER 4. Labor market of the Republic of Moldova and its impact on the trends of pension system reform: gender aspects
4.1. Economic activity, employment and unemployment
4.2. Employment by economic sectors

CHAPTER 5. Salaries and incomes

CHAPTER 6. Informal employment

CHAPTER 7. Issues of social breaks in employment

CHAPTER 8. Gender issues of current pensioners
8.1. Gender structure of pensioners

CHAPTER 9. Forecast of the specifics of pension insurance of men and women, pension transfers between sexes in the established pension system

CHAPTER 10. Gender analysis of the formulas for old-age pension calculation
10.1. Analysis of old pension formula for calculation of old-age pension
10.2. Analysis of the new pension formula for calculation of old-age pension
10.3. Change of gender discrepancy in pensions in the transition to the new pension formula

CHAPTER 11. Increase of the retirement age. Equalizing the retirement age?
11.1. Advantages and disadvantages of the retirement age increase and its “equalization” for men and women
11.2. Individual pension burden or correlation between the duration of the able-bodied age and duration of life on pension
11.3. Change of the probability of living until the retirement for men and women under different scenarios of the retirement age increase



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